August 29, 2017

About Us

At Group One we encourage all of our employees to continually challenge themselves and exceed their goals. We strive for excellence in all aspects of the business and reward our employees through a unique compensation structure. Our culture promotes accountability and pushes every team member to maximize their impact on the firm’s profitability. Our training program takes highly intelligent and driven individuals, and places them in positions where they are constantly seeking opportunity for growth. Through openness and constant dialogue, every person plays a key role in problem solving and allows us to stay nimble in a constantly changing environment. We put a premium on work-life balance, and sponsor events which facilitate off the field interaction and promote team work.



Group One is a leading specialist and market maker in exchange listed derivatives. Headquartered in Chicago, we maintain a floor presence with specialist posts on the Chicago Board Options Exchange and NYSE AMEX. Armed with expertise developed through a rigorous training program, our traders provide competitive liquidity across a broad range of securities. We manage portfolios of several hundred issues, and simultaneously stream quotes across multiple exchanges. Our unique understanding of pricing and special situations, combined with real time risk management and superior technology allow us to stay a step ahead of the markets.

Our Risk Management group works with all functional areas of the firm to stress test the complexities of our positions, systems and operational risk. Thanks to a real time risk database, our desk is able to simultaneously monitor the activity and exposure of the entire firm’s positions. With over 6,000 unique positions, our business analytics database ensures that we are not only taking intelligent risks, but also maximizing returns and capitalizing on opportunities as they expand and contract.



Technology drives everything we do.

We craft proprietary systems that power all aspects of our business. Our platform is built to handle massive amounts of data in real time and is optimized to meet tight performance requirements. We collaboratively solve the challenging problems presented by a constantly evolving electronic trading landscape.

We are skilled, passionate developers who take pride in designing robust, scalable, low-latency applications on a managed runtime. Core to our beliefs is that designing thoughtful and consistent software infrastructure yields exceptional, maintainable systems. Enabling agility from design through deployment allows for rapid response to change and facilitates immediate feedback for new features.

We build our platform through discussion, not directive. Developers, traders, and other business stakeholders devise our approach through continuous communication. Each member of our team is empowered to make an impact and drive the technological vision.