October 5, 2018

Why Group One?


At Group One you’ll find a broad range of individuals with varying experiences and backgrounds working together as a team towards a unified goal. Innovation and new ideas go hand in hand with the daily pulse of cross team collaboration and open communication. We are proud of our high employee retention rate. You’ll see ten (10) year veterans or senior traders working closely with new hires or trading analysts on priority projects. Senior Management, Traders, Operations, and Dev teams are found in regular communication both in electronic and good old fashioned, face to face format.


The rapid pace of our trading operation challenges us with an extraordinary amount of short, medium and long term business decisions. Our collaborative decision making process encourages an entrepreneurial spirit. Independent insight of team members is prized. We operate on a playing field where unique opportunities for personal growth are found in both compensation and the development of business critical expertise. Group One gives each employee the opportunity to share in directly shaping the company’s future.


Group One is wholly owned by its founders and employees, and all our trading is proprietary, placing both the rewards for our success and managerial oversight directly in our team’s hands. It’s important to us that our employees have front line business impact. Because our functional teams are small, each team member shares in executing high priority goals on a daily basis. We collaborate from pre to post bell firm wide, via our group communication platforms. Transparency is key on all levels of our organization. From regular updates on firm results to wide inclusion on detailed operational plans, every employee is in the loop. Our structure facilitates trust, holds each individual accountable to the highest standards of performance, and delivers the support and empowerment necessary for you to succeed.