August 29, 2017

Our Internship

Why Intern at Group One?

Our program provides interns with a multi-faceted learning experience which includes hands-on training and classroom learning opportunities. As a Group One intern, you will be placed on projects that are important to the work we do and have a direct impact on the business. No matter which internship path you choose, you will learn from, and be mentored by the best on an individualized basis. You will also have opportunities to connect and build relationships with interns throughout the firm.

Internship Overview

Experience Group One from the inside!

Group One hires bright, analytical, and competitive people to succeed in their chosen path of study. Whether you are looking to become a successful trader, quant analyst, software developer, application support specialist, or business intelligence analyst, Group One offers individualized training to obtain the edge!

Our interns have commented that they have been provided with opportunities to understand the trading industry, build relationships with the trading, software development, and operations staff, while growing both personally and professionally. The right internship can help you take the next critical step in shaping a successful and rewarding career. Providing interns with an inside look at the daily processes and decisions made at Group One is unique in the industry. Interns are essential components of our operation; you will be working in our production environment and have opportunities to make a lasting impact. The internship program also offers various classes where interns learn about industry-specific software development and the finer points of options trading, including hedging and risk management.

Group One takes on interns that come from a variety of backgrounds: private and public universities, undergraduate and graduate students, finance and non-finance majors. All Group One internships are paid.

Areas of Specialization

Group One hires interns in the following functional areas. Please refer to our Careers page for the current opportunities we are recruiting for.

Applications Support Intern

In this internship, you will learn hands-on support for options traders using our internally developed trading software. Our software includes an information-dense user interface, a high-throughput, low latency parallel computational core, server components, interfaces to exchanges, market data sources, and execution systems.

Business Intelligence/Data Analyst Intern

As a Data Analyst Intern, responsibilities will span a variety of programming, data analysis, and reporting projects. These tasks will primarily be adding new features or troubleshooting SQL code and SSRS reports, which are used by all functional groups within Group One, including traders, risk managers, operations, and compliance.

Quantitative Analyst Interns

The primary focus of this position will be quantitative research and analysis. As an intern, you will work with a small team to form a hypothesis and backtest your ideas while receiving continuous feedback from our quantitative developers and the Trading Strategy team. At the end of the project, you will present your findings to our senior managers and traders. The ideal candidate will learn the fundamentals of our trading style quickly and propose enhancements that add value to our tools and trading.

Software Developer Interns

As a Software Developer Intern, you will be working on our  system which is built on the .NET platform using C#. The system has enough variety to challenge and interest anyone: an information-dense user interface, a high-throughput, low latency parallel computational core, service-oriented architecture, and interfaces to exchanges’ market data and execution systems.  As a Software Developer Intern, you will have a senior developer as your mentor, and you will gain exposure to the business of equity options trading. You will gain real-world experience with a team that develops proprietary software in an ever-changing, fast-paced, and competitive environment.

Trading Analyst Intern

As a Trading Analyst Intern, you will learn the basics of equity options trading while gaining an in-depth overview of Group One’s business. Interns who successfully progress through the internship will have the ability to interview for a Trading Analyst position at the end of the program. Our goal for you is to be comfortable with option theory, trading techniques, and trade execution by the end of the program. We consider our trader analyst intern program an essential tool in building a pipeline of highly qualified candidates who are looking to pursue a professional career with Group One upon graduation.