August 29, 2017

Our Training

Group One Trading Teaching Interns

Individualized Training

At Group One our training programs are highly individualized. We hire people with different backgrounds and experiences, some from within, and some new to, the financial industry. Therefore, we don’t take a ‘one-size fits all’ approach to training. We respect that each individual learns and develops differently and we incorporate that mindset into all our formal and informal training programs.

New Hire Training

Every new hire at Group One goes through extensive training both within their department as well as broad functional overviews. This approach enables new employees to understand and appreciate how each function contributes to the firm’s success and how their role interacts with each department at Group One.

The Analyst Training Program

Hard working, meticulous, and intellectually curious candidates are best suited to success at Group One. The pace and duration of the training program is highly tailored to each individual’s progress.

The training program begins in the classroom. Here you’ll learn the fundamentals of options, the intricacies of our software, and the details behind modeling, scripting, and risk management. We also recognize that the best experience comes from getting involved in the trading world outside the classroom. Soon after the start of the classroom sessions, you’ll be immersed with the day-to-day trading at Group One in the form of shadowing our senior traders, coverage trading, and portfolio management. Coupled with mock trading sessions after the close of the trading day, we feel that this firsthand exposure to the market is the best way to grow your skills as a trader.

The classes are demanding. Logical thought processes are stressed and analysts are encouraged to think creatively. Real world examples are discussed every day, further leading to the development of the analysts as they spend much of the day with the traders. It’s an exposure to the market that you can only get at Group One.

The best analysts come with their own drive to succeed. The options industry is complex and the best way to obtain a deep understanding is through asking questions and seeking out new perspectives. We encourage our analysts to get involved and make an impact in all aspects of Group One. We truly feel that some of the best ideas can come from some of our newest hires.

As classes lead to trader shadowing, and coverage trading leads to managing your own portfolio or joining a trading team, our ultimate goal is to create traders that can adapt to variety of complex situations in the options marketplace. Our traders are driven, detail-oriented, and competitive… and we’re looking for candidates to join our team.